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Important Circulars

Use of Electronic clearing system (ECS) mandatory in 15 Centers / Cities.

This is to inform the Beneficiary Owners (BO) of DP Account maintained with DB (International) Stock Brokers Ltd that SEBI vide its circular Dated 21.02.2006 has instructed the Investors/ applicant in following fifteen centers where clearing houses are managed by Reserve Bank of India, will get refund in public issue of shares through ECS

ONLY and the bank details of such applicants will be taken directly from the database of CDSL, in respect of issues made completely in dematerialsed form.

 Therefore, it is necessary that the Beneficiary Owner (BO) provide the bank account details to us so that refund are credited directly in their account there through ECS.



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Circular to all trading and clearing members of the Exchange

 Circular No : NCDEX/TRADING-057/2006/117

 Date           : May 11, 2006

 No fresh position in May 2006 contracts during last 5  days before expiry 

 Members may please note that members and clients are not  permitted to acquire fresh open positions during the last five days (i.e. on or after May 14, 2006) before the expiry of the May 19, 2006 contracts and (on or after May 27, 2006) before the expiry of the May 31, 2006 contract. This is applicable to commodities in which delivery intentions are required to be given during the period May 11, 2006 to May 13, 2006 and May 24, 2006 to May 26, 2006 respectively.


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